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Hill Stations

Paithal Mala

Paithalmala is a Beautiful Trekking Area a with Fabulous Point View. It is A Forest Area so the temperature here is always low..


Paalakkayam Thatt

Palakkayam Thatt is the Hill Station that kannurites can boast of. It is our very own Ooty. If you are a roadie, be it two or four-wheeler and love to explore places, drive/ ride on rugged terrain, then here's your destination. Put your machine and your skills to the test, feel the Man and Machine be one and enjoy the moment. Alternatively jeep rides too are available for a nominal fee. Trek the last stretch of the grassy mountain, around 250 mtrs to reach the top and behold the majestic view of the mist/ cloud canopy on the mountains and valleys below. Time your arrival or departure so as to view the magnificent sun rise or sun set from the top.